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Hey there! We are 35 Film Foundry Photography and offer a unique and fun photography experience to our guests. We specialize in people!


A Look At Our Work

Why Work With Us?

We love to play and have fun with all of our clients.
Yes we may set you up for a few shots but we are also
going to have the kids run around throwing leaves and
hugging trees.
We never want to leave our clients with a bag of images
that may sit for months in a draw. So we show you
exactly how images will look on your wall before you
even order. Heck we will even hang framed prints in
your home for you! This is just the start of what we
offer our clients.
All of our photographers studied at the Defense Information
School. Our Photographers have also been published locally
as well as nationally! One of our photographers has even
had an image published by the Times. Never hesitate to
ask us where you can see our latest imagery published.

What Our Clients Say

“Wonderful business, great photos and has donated to
many causes in the community.”
Dawn W.
“I can’t thank you both enough for your time and efforts
yesterday at our event. What a blessing to have such
amazing photographers!
Natasha F.
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